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oct 14 2017: HEY it’s getting cold out there and there’s snow on the ground!!!! It will go away but soon we’ll be locked in a frozen wasteland for months. We still have time to get your windows clean but lets get you booked TODAY! Scroll to the bottom to see customer reviews.

Why we are the best choice when it comes to window washing services around Winnipeg.

Your service experience with Ken’s Window Washing starts right now, click here to go straight to our online window cleaning price page. That’s to save you time and frustration waiting for a call back you can get a price for your home window cleaning right here right now. But there is more than just price to consider so please have a look at more of our site.

Our process: PURIFIED WATER for outside windows and frames.

That’s right we use purified water to clean the outside windows and frames 

  • no need for soap – purified water penetrates and captures dirt and of course we scrub too!
  • safer for people, property and our environment, our brush/pole can reach over 3 stories high!
  • no sticky soap residue-windows stay cleaner longer
  • super environmentally friendly
  • FREE EXTERIOR WINDOW FRAME WASHING-window frames are subject to surface oxidation, mold and general dirt build up which can lead to permanent staining. Regular cleaning is the best prevention.

Professionalism: over 40 years in customer service industries

Home Window Cleaning in Winnipeg

Home Window Cleaning in Winnipeg

We respect your family and your property. We know customers want good value and good consistent quality.


When we started out, we had a clear idea of what we needed to do to make our clients a permanent fixture in our establishment. It was an exciting goal, and we strove tirelessly to achieve it. We have perfected our way of doing things based on the specific issues relating to particular window types. We have devised ways of cleaning windows at odd angles and substantial heights without any risk to you, your property or our own members of staff. In addition to that, we have found ways to carry out window washing without damaging your landscaping in any way. When we are done with your windows, we leave them and everything around them looking better, upgraded even. Click here to get an instant window cleaning price for your home

Window Washing Service

Window Washing Service

We have the right equipment

When you have been around for as much as we have, you learn to use the best tools for the job. You learn to do away with any manual tendencies and kick out obsolescent technologies. We have accumulated a stockpile of equipment that makes the task of washing windows easier and more effective. In addition, we have consistently worked towards using methods that do not harm your windows or walls or anything else they spill on. We use environmentally friendly processes that pose no threat to nature. We also look out for your safety by ensuring that what we use does not become a risk where people and animals are involved. We take special care because we know you might have little kids and pets running around, curiously tasting or inhaling anything in their way.

We are compliant

We are a legitimate entity that has been duly registered and licensed by the authorities. Everything we do is compliant with the legal provisions that regulate the existence of services like ours in Winnipeg. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our cleaners are covered by insurance.

That said, if you are looking for window washing services around Winnipeg, you know where to look. We always consider time a very important aspect for our clients so we make sure that the job is done as quickly as possible. Having a professional and experienced group of cleaners helps us get things done speedily. Our technology is modern, safe and effective. Reach out to us; we will certainly enjoy working with you, and we know that you too will be more that satisfied at the end.


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