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Window Cleaning Prices

What are the Average Window Cleaning Prices

window cleaning prices

Window Cleaning Prices

Window cleaning prices vary due to a number of factors. Ease of access of one of the major factors that affect the final price of cleaning windows. High rise window cleaning will definitely cost more than cleaning windows that are easily reachable by hand. This is because the cleaning technician will require a ladder, special tools and extra time to get the job done. Most window cleaning companies charge per pane. On average cleaning one glass pane will cost you between $2 and $7. Some companies will, however, charge hourly. According to CostHelper, the average cost of cleaning windows is $266 with the lowest cost being $84 and the highest being $404.

Factors Affecting Prices

Besides ease of access, there are a number of other factors that affect window cleaning prices. These include how dirty the windows are, the number of windows to be cleaned and whether one or both sides of the window pane will be cleaned (interior only or interior and exterior). A window pane with stains will require more equipment, tools and time to clean than one with dust only. If yours is a small house with a few windows, you can expect to pay less than a person with a mansion with lots of windows.

Extra Charges

If, besides windows, you want your glass sliding doors and screens cleaned, you will need to pay extra 50 cents to $5 per screen and $2.50 and $8 per sliding glass door. Cleaning window sills and tracks will cost you between 50 cents and $5 while removing paint or stains will cost you $3.50 to $6 extra for an average sized window. Removing mineral deposit on a pane will cost you $20 extra if it is not included in the company window cleaning prices. The cost of cleaning windows on the first and the second floor of a house is generally the same. However, from the third floor going up, the cost of cleaning a window may go up by $3 to $5.